Port Elizabeth Game Reserves

The malaria free Greater Port Elizabeth area offers BRO Villa’s guests a vast selection of Game Farms, Game Reserves and Wildlife Parks. The malaria free Eastern offers a vast selection of Game Farms, Reserves, Parks and Lodges. The moderate weather provides all year conditions for viewing Game this is the destination in South Africa for a unique Game Experience.

Seaview Lion Park

Seaview Lion Park is located about 30 kilometres west of Port Elizabeth’s city centre. Set in 120 hectares of superb bush and grassland, the Wildlife Park offers the unique experience of close-up game-viewing.

Seaview Lion Park have a very successful White Lion breeding project – plus tigers, caracals, leopards and a variety of other animals in our wildlife sanctuary area.

It’s not just about lions at Seaview Lion Park with most cat species, giraffe, zebra, various antelope (Nyala, Impala, Wildebeest, Bushbuck, Duiker, Blue Duiker, Grysbok, Blesbok) and monkeys roam free.

Your game drive is the first part of your Seaview Lion Park experience and at the lion/tiger camp, you’ll be able to get out of your vehicle and take a walk on your own to see some of the 50-plus lions, many of them White Lions and Siberian Tigers.

The third phase of your trip to Seaview Lion Park will be up at the sanctuary/restaurant area, where you’ll find Chris the crocodile, the African Wildcats, caracal (lynx), leopards, lion and tiger cubs.

  • Seaview Lion Park is open to the public every day (except Christmas Day) between 9:00 and 17:00.
  • Watch the big lions being fed every Sunday at 12:00. The ‘drive through’ one of the large lion enclosures offers the closest experience of lion viewing.
  • Pop into the restaurant / sanctuary area for a delicious meal and a close-up glimpse of some of the younger lions, leopards etc.

Addo Elephant Park

Addo Elephant National Park is situated 72km by road from Port Elizabeth. Established in 1931 to save 11 Elephants on the brink of extinction. The Park is now home to more than 500 Elephants, Lion, Cape Buffalo, Black Rhino, a range of Antelope species and the rare flightless dung Beetle. Addo Elephant National Park is a perfect destination for the adventurous outdoor and nature lover.

Addo Elephant Park, a sanctuary for the wide range of South Africa’s Wildlife, is located in the thick bushveld of the Sundays River, in the Eastern Cape. The park now known as the Addo Elephant National Park is now the third largest national park in South Africa, Addo Elephant National Park has expanded to conserve a wide diversity of biodiversity, landscapes, fauna and flora. Stretching from the semi-arid karoo area in the north around Darlington Dam, over the rugged Zuurberg Mountains, through the Sundays River valley and south to the coast between Sundays River mouth and Bushman’s river mouth, Addo covers about 180 000 hectares (444 700 acres) and includes the Bird and St Croix Island groups.

Lions were released into Addo National Park in October 2003 and the first lion cubs were born in the Addo since 1845. An absence of 159 years. There is more to the Addo Elephant National Park than the big 7, there are countless other species, Cape buffalo, Black rhino, Eland, Kudu, Bushbuck, Red hartebeest, Grysbok and Duiker, Jackals, Antbear, Bushpig, Vervet monkeys and Zebra, to name a few. The flightless dung beetle is unique to the park. 6 out of the world’s 7 biomes are found here and a huge number of bird species.

The park, the third largest in South Africa, offers a wide range of game viewing and outdoor activities, which include horse-back game viewing and horse-riding, guided walks, hiking, 4×4 trails and a picnic area for day visitors. Nothing could be better if you are a animal or bush lover.

Kragga Kamma Game Park

Kragga Kamma Game Park is home to vast herds of African game, including White Rhino, Buffalo, Cheetah, Giraffe, Zebra, Nyala, Bontebok, Lechwe and many more species. All the animals roam freely, unrestricted in natural surroundings. The owner operated animal friendly park, where no hunting or other disturbance of the game is permitted, means that you always get close up views and great photo opportunities.

Take a drive in your own vehicle through the park on the well-maintained roads (no need for 4×4) and enjoy viewing the game in any weather conditions from the comfort of your car.

For those really close encounters, choose the 2 hour guided tour in an open Landrover with a professional guide providing you with interesting information on the animals and the historical background to the area.


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